9 best ways to add more to your calcium intake

Calcium is one of the most vital nutrients needed by our body. Lack of calcium can cause many serious diseases and problems like weakness in bones, deformity of the body and hypocalcemia. Milk is definitely considered to be one of the best sources of calcium available readily. Apart from milk, horlicks ingredients are also calcium rich and can boost the amount of calcium in your body. Here are 9 best ways to enhance your calcium intake for the day through calcium rich food items or drinks.

  • Different types of milks.

Apart from cow’s milk, there are other alternatives that can enrich the calcium content in your body like almond, coconut, soy, oat or rice.

  • Chickpeas.

They cover a variety of nutrition needed by the body with calcium being one of the major contributions of chickpeas to the body. A cup of canned chickpeas contains around 78 mg of calcium. It can be utilized with juices and foods as well.

  • Calcium packed snacks

A blend of different food items that are calcium rich can be combined to form a heavily rich calcium diet, for instance, smoothies made from milk and yogurt are extremely rich sources of calcium and also a delight to the tastebuds.

  • Tofu

It is also an excellent source of calcium among vegetarians, calcium intake of tofu depends on the process and ingredients that have been used in making it. So, select the Tofu considering the index for nutrition.

  • Calcium Rich desserts

Food like home made custard is also a rich calcium source. It can be prepared with Water melon, water and sugar providing adequate vitamin intake such as Agua de sandia.

  • Bok choy

It is one of the best plant based calcium sources received as a gift of nature to us. It can be mixed with salads and soups to enhance the nutrition.

  • Dried Fruit

Add dry fruits to your daily routine. A few grams of dry fruits in the morning or before going to bed can help increase the calcium intake in a significant amount.

  • Canned fish

A small tin of canned fish is able to provide almost 250-300 mg of calcium. Apart from calcium, it is also a rich source of protein.

  • Almonds

The kind of calcium content almond holds makes it a valuable dry fruit to gain a separate mention in the list. Almost 75 mg of calcium is offered by a serving of just 30 gram of almonds.

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