Authentic Cuisine You Must Try in UAE

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Authentic cuisine refers to food that adheres to regional flavour principles or flavour profiles that tend to situate in a specific region of cuisines. They are the dishes and recipes that are made as close to what is accepted as traditional in their place of origin. It helps bring people together and the right dish prepared in the correct way can mentally transport us back home. Moreover, authenticity is not just about the ingredients, it’s about the history, culture and techniques that have been used to prepare food for generations. It’s about understanding the nuances of different foods and the unique and rich flavours that come with it.

Additionally, authentic cuisine holds a lot of significance because it stays true to its origins and is unaltered by any outside forces. It has a deep connection with its cultural and geographical origins and focuses on its relationship with the people, the land and the culture in which it was created. Not only does it ensure customers receive genuine meals but it also helps create a unique experience that customers will want to come back for. This blog will talk about different types of authentic cuisine provided in UAE and the rich flavours they offer.

1. Kabsa

You must try this on your trip to the UAE for many great reasons. It is a mixed rice dish consisting of meat, vegetables and a wide array of spices. The spices used are what bring the main flavour to it and include cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, black lime, cloves and many more. The main ingredient that accompanies the spices is the meat and the meats used are usually chicken, goat, beef, lamb, fish or shrimp. Moreover, they are garnished with peanuts, almonds, onions, pine nuts and sultanas. They are also served hot with ‘daqqūs’ which is a home-made Arabic tomato sauce. You can get this through the Noon Food discount code.

2. Shawarma

This is a must-have on your food list and you will not regret eating it. It originated in the Ottoman Empire and consists of khubus bread filled with meat and vegetables. It is prepared from thin cuts of seasoned and marinated meat that is roasted on a slowly turning vertical rotisserie. The slices are then shaved off the cooked surface as the shawarma rotates. It contains spices like turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, paprika, cumin and many more. It is then served as a wrap in a flatbread such as a pita or khubus. It’s typically served with garlic sauce, fries and pickles which taste incredible together.

3. Falafel

You need to try this to give your taste buds the greatest experience they have ever had. It is a deep-fried ball or patty-shaped fritter made from beans, ground chickpeas or both. It is often served in a pita or wrapped in a flatbread khubus. It can be topped with pickled vegetables, salads and hot sauce and drizzled with tahini sauces. It can also be eaten alone as a snack or served as part of an assortment of appetisers. During Ramadan in the UAE, falafel balls are sometimes eaten as part of the Iftar which is the meal that breaks the fast after sunset.

4. Luqaimat

This is a necessity in your food list and you will fall in love with it. It is a dessert made of deep-fried dough balls that are soaked in syrup or honey and are sometimes coated with cinnamon or other ingredients. It’s made with a thick and smooth yeast batter that rises and has a soft and foamy consistency. The batter is then dropped into hot oil and fried to turn a golden brown colour. It is then doused in sugar syrup with rosewater or honey and laid to rest. It tastes like a sweet delight and you will not regret eating it.

5. Harees

You must try this great dish and it will not disappoint. It is a dish that consists of boiled and cracked, coarsely ground wheat or bulgur mixed with meat. Its consistency is similar to a porridge and gruel. The wheat is soaked overnight and then simmered in water along with meat and butter. The remaining liquid is strained and the mixture is beaten and seasoned. It is sometimes garnished with cinnamon, sugar and clarified butter. It can also be topped with cardamom pods or parsley.

6. Baba Ghanoush

You need to try this traditional dish due to several factors. It’s an appetiser that consists of finely chopped and roasted eggplant, olive oil, lemon juice, seasonings and tahini. The eggplant is usually baked or broiled over a flame before peeling which makes the pulp soft and gives it a smoky taste. It is a typical starter of regional cuisine and is often served as a side to a main meal or as a dip for pita bread. It can also be minimally spiced and topped with thinly chopped parsley or coriander leaves. Its taste is to die for and you will not regret eating it.


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