Become A Professional Mixologist With These Easy Steps

Each person has a preferred drink. There are people who like beer while others would rather drink something else, like cocktails. That is why a lot of people would go to bars so they can order their favorite drinks. If you want to become a mixologist, then you need to take as many courses and Gin Masterclass that you can to add to your portfolio.

Mixologist vs Bartender

Is a “Mixologist” also a Bartender? Yes, they are bartenders but mixologists specializes in the art of mixing special cocktails. They must be knowledgeable in both classic and modern cocktail mixing. They also should have the ability to create new recipes. To become one, they need to study the history of cocktails and must be determined to learn and and be creactive.

Becoming A Mixologist

Becoming a mixologist is not going to be easy, but with the right amount of dedication and training, it’s going to be a fun and exciting journey. It starts by getting a professional bartending training from a certified institution. This is where you will learn about mixology and go through a Gin Masterclass. This will help you hone your mixing skills as you discover new ingredients and test out your own recipes. This will also be the chance for you to create your signature drink.

Taking a course of joining a class is crucial as this is something that you cannot learn on your own through online tutorials or by reading a book. Although not required to have a formal education, some can take up to five years for you to be considered ‘skilled’ at crafting and mixing cocktails.

Why Join A Gin Masterclass?

There are plenty of courses and classes that you can join on your journey to become a mixologist. But one that stands out is a Gin Masterclass. Many are offering this but the most trusted in Australia is Bass & Flinders Distillery. They are pioneers in this field and they continue to explore new and unique flavors and aromas and share it with their students.

At Bass & Flinders Distillery, you can start discovering techniques and get to know exotic botanicals that are often used in gin production. You will also learn the long and interesting history of gin and how it was first made. These guided classes will help you find your way through the process of blending your own gin recipe using different vapour infused botanicals.

Gin Masterclass At Bass & Flinders Distillery

And once you have created your gin masterpiece, you have the option to bring home with you a 500 ml bottle that you can share with others. Whether you wanty to become a mixologist or you simply want to learn more about gin mixing, go ahead and visit Bass & Flinders Distillery today and fing out more about their gin masterclass schedules.


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