Check out Australia’s best tonic water to try

While juice and soft drinks are revitalizing, premium tonic water is a great option. It is known to cool the body and has a distinct taste. Tonic water is a healthy source of quinine that effectively treats malaria. It also has sugar that gives a boost of energy. Yet, it is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and diet. There are various brands available of tonic water in the market, yet not all of them are made equal. When looking for the ideal tonic water for your gin, you have to give attention to the quality and ingredients of the product. Generally, the ideal tonic waters will have a superb quinine content that provides the drink with its unique bitter taste.

They will usually have a higher sugar content compared to other types of tonic water, this aids to balance out the flavor of the gin. When selecting tonic water, it’s necessary to read the label and make sure that it doesn’t have any extra flavors or sweeteners. These sometimes cover the taste of gin and make it less enjoyable. If you like to get the most out of your gin, you have to choose excellent tonic water that will match its flavors.

Be familiar with the best tonic waters that you shouldn’t miss


  • Fever-Tree tonic water offers a variety of tonics to enjoy with different gins and has rapidly grown to become the ideal tonic for upscale establishments and connoisseurs everywhere. Most importantly, it was made particularly for your ideal bottle of gin by a business that expert in mixers.

 East Imperial

  • East Imperial has been well-known among bartenders and Kiwi connoisseurs for over 10 years, despite being new to Australia. They are dedicated to admiring both modern and traditional tonic water styles. For those who prefer powerful and robust flavors, there are the Yuzu tonics and ultra-premium.


  • Fentimans is a British firm with more than a century of experience producing botanical soft drinks, they have inevitably discovered the recipe for a decent tonic. They offer seven unique tonic water to suit every taste after sourcing botanicals from worldwide.

Q Mixers Light Tonic Water

  • Q Mixers Light tonic water is ideal for your next party. It’s refreshing, light, and has the appropriate amount of sweetness. Also, it’s low in calories thus so you can enjoy it without guilt.


  • Capi has made a name for producing glitzy soft drinks of late, yet they also make tonic water that was voted best in a survey made a couple of years ago by an Australian Bartender. 


  • Tonic water is produced in Australia to blend the nation’s healthy supply of craft gins. Strangelove No. 8 uses cinchona extract to provide a well-rounded hit of bitterness, mixed with orange peel and fresh lemon.


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