Fish and Chips In Singapore: The Best Places to Eat Them

If you’re a fan of fish and chips, Singapore is the place to be. From street vendors to high-end restaurants, here are the best places to eat them in Singapore.  The Golden Mile: Famous for its colonial-era architecture and numerous shopping complexes, The Golden Mile is also home to several restaurants serving up some of the best fish and chips in Singapore. Head to The Clifton Hotel Fish & Chips for classic British fare served up fresh from the fryer, or try Kebab House (just outside The Clifton) for something a little more unique with a range of kebab options on the menu. Clarke Quay: Located near the heart of action on Clarke Quay, this area is perfect for a quick bite to eat during your stay in Singapore. Alongstairs at Mussoorie Fish & Chips you can enjoy some of the best fish and chips in Singapore while watching the hustle and bustle of this buzzing district. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a bit more peace and tranquility, head over to Sultan’s Beach Fish & Chips down on Jalan Besar where you can relax under an umbrella with your meal while taking in views of Sentosa island beyond. Boat Quay: Just steps away from Marina Bay Sands casino and surrounded by beautiful waterfront gardens, Boat Quay is perfect if you’re looking for something special when it comes to seafood dining experiences

Ranking the Best Fish and Chips In Singapore

When it comes to fish and chips, Singaporeans know their stuff. From humble street vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants, these battered and deep-fried treats are some of the most beloved dishes in the country. So, which Singaporean institution reigns supreme when it comes to this classic British meal? To find out, we surveyed locals and tried out a bunch of their favorite  fish and chips joints – from humble neighbourhood favourites to top-rated spots in the city. And yes, even those infamous overpriced tourist traps made the cut. In the end, we came up with a definitive list of the best fish and chips in Singapore. So whether you’re looking for something hearty and satisfyingly salty or something light but flavourful, this is definitely the list for you!

It’s that time of year where Singaporeans are gearing up for a summer full of outdoor activities and festivities. To fuel all that activity, we’ve decided to take on the challenge of finding the best fish and chips in Singapore! After much research (and some delicious test drives), we have come up with our list of nominees – each dish delivering an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss. So whether you’re looking for hearty seafood dinner or something more intimate and casual, read on for our top five picks!