How important is knowing the ingredients before buying cheese slices for your restaurants?

Australia’s burger culture has exploded in recent years. A remarkable range of high-end burger restaurants is opening all around the country, including fusion options among other innovations.

Unsurprisingly, people tend to judge a burger’s quality based on its core ingredient – burger cheese slices. Regardless of the ingredient, the quality of the cheese added to a burger is important. Hence, restaurants should pay just as much attention to the cheese as they do to the patty when serving a good old-fashioned cheeseburger with melty American-style cheese.

When it comes to quality, functionality, consistency, and price, Pure Dairy’s burger slices consistently rank as Australia’s top burger cheese. You will notice the Pure Dairy difference from the very first bite. 

Unlike other regular cheeses, the taste and texture of American burger cheese remain the same for a long time. It can maintain its quality for up to six months when stored correctly, thus making it an excellent choice for restaurants. Due to its long shelf life, restaurateurs can buy burger cheese in bulk at a lower price and store it. These cheese slices are built to maintain structural integrity and a gooey consistency when melted, providing a creamy, cheesy accompaniment to any burger. 

There’s nothing better than a slice or two of American burger cheese when topping off a burger or making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. For decades, this sandwich has graced cookouts, family dinners, and quick snacks but its taste could have been much better.

Served between pillowy bread and melted cheese, the Hi Melt Burger Cheese is the perfect snack. The best American cheese slices in Australia. Their high cheese content, creamy flavour, and smooth texture make them the most popular cheeseburgers in Australia.

Also, the Hi-Melt Cheese slices melt well, which makes them ideal for gooey cheeseburgers. With their mild flavour, they are also a good match for bolder flavours. Your burger will become creamy and delicious when you add Hi-Melt cheese slices. In addition to melting when heated, they will not absorb water or fat, so your burger won’t get greasy. 

Burgers with hi-melt cheese and high-end bacon are often served at fine dining restaurants because they produce a hamburger that tastes incredibly rich. Whether you stuff it or melt it on top, this pleasantly pungent and extremely creamy cheese transforms cheeseburgers.

In some cheeses, palm oil is used to replace milk fat. Even though it is present in many kinds of cheese, it enhances the risk of heart disease. Pure Dairy’s Hi-melt burger cheese slices, on the other hand, do not contain palm oil and can be eaten anytime and anywhere.

To serve your customers the best burgers, you should stop using average burger cheese and instead use Hi-Melt burger cheese. Get in touch with Pure Dairy today. Australians love Hi-melt burger cheese because it is the original and best. It is the top-selling burger cheese in Australia and a favourite among burger specialists everywhere.


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