Learn How to Cook Tuna

Cooking tuna is important to prevent food-borne diseases. However, it’s not essential if you are working with high-quality fish. Below are some traditional and fun ways to cook tuna safely. These are the best ways you can cook tuna, from refreshing summer salads and comforting pies. Which one is your favorite?

How to Cook Tuna

Raw: Enjoy sushi-grade tuna raw. Make sure you only source fish from trusted fisherman and eat it as soon as you can. It’s easier than you might think to make sushi or sashimi using tuna.

Grilled – Tuna steaks can be seared on a hot grill. A raw core and a crust should be desired.

Stew: Canned Tuna is a great addition to stews or casseroles. This recipe makes a delicious meal when it is cooked with tomatoes, onions, and potatoes.

Canned tuna: While not everyone likes the taste of canned tuna, others love it. Canned tuna be used to make sandwiches and salads.

1. Tuna Steaks

Tuna steaks make a great choice for special occasions. You can glaze the fish with honey and soy sauce, or add texture and flavor with sesame seeds.

They are best seared, not cooked. Tuna steaks are very popular and can be found in almost every restaurant, even steakhouses.

Tuna steaks are often very fatty and tender. It’s easy to understand why so many people love tuna this way. It’s always fun to cook tuna like any other type of steak!

2. Tuna Salads

There are many ways to add tuna to salads. You don’t have to do much other than toss the tuna in the salad with the rest. Tuna salads typically include mayonnaise, chopped celery, and macaroni. Other salads can be refreshing and not as creamy.

A French classic, the Nicoise salad combines lettuce, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, and green beans. It is often paired with a light vinaigrette to create a beautiful salad. To make a colorful tuna salad, you don’t have to follow a recipe.

3. Croquettes

Many countries have tuna croquettes. Tuna croquettes were probably inspired by the most complicated and expensive cod croquettes. They are an easy home-cooked meal that is quick and easy to prepare and everyone loves them.

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