Paper Lanterns – How to Use them at Chinese Weddings

Paper wedding lanterns have been around for years now and are now finding uses in a multitude of settings.  They are a great lighting option especially when the mission is to create a warm and romantic ambience. Many wedding planners have been using these lanterns regardless of whether the event is held indoors or outdoors.   

What makes them so attractive?

Paper lanterns offer diffused lighting options and available in all colors, shapes and sizes.  Paper wedding lanterns are a fun way to decorate a bridal venue and lanterns of different sizes can be used in many combinations to match the specific theme of a wedding.  White paper lanterns are always a favorite as they exude an elegance that is not difficult to create.  Colored paper lanterns bring a totally different look and add vibrancy to a venue and also the occasion. Check out the best wedding voucher and gift ideas that you might need for your Chinese wedding. 

How to use them:

Depending on whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, paper lanterns can be used to light up the area where the wedding ceremony is going to be held.  Depending on the color scheme and theme chosen, a planner can pick lanterns accordingly. Orange and yellow add warmth to a room and heart shaped lanterns add a special touch. 

If a wedding is being held in the summer and outdoors under a tent, paper wedding lanterns are the perfect choice.  The lighting makes a venue feel welcoming and there is a soft glow so that guests and bride and groom enjoy the occasion basking in soft lights.  Regardless of the décor, whether it is simple or ornate, colored lanterns can bring in the extra splash of color to liven up the space.  Contrasting lanterns can be interspersed to create an interesting and colorful atmosphere.  

Paper lanterns can also be used in the church along the pews for interest and elegance. Paper lanterns can also be placed on tables to create a cozy atmosphere during dinner – if it is a sit down affair. Lantern makers are using ingenious methods to make new shapes – square, cylindrical and balloon in different colors.  The combinations that one can use are endless – design experts have been known to pair up paper parasols with intricate designs and colorful lanterns to create a truly unique space.

One can also add decorations like streamers and ribbons to lamps to create a whimsical effect and also themes like a beach side wedding etc.  Summery colors like lime green, yellow and white also add a touch of whimsy to a summer wedding.  For some, it is a better option in place of flowers.  The good thing about paper lanterns is that they can be used year round in a covered venue in many different combinations to create an intimate mood. 

Wedding lanterns can be strung up with electrical lighting or used with candles. As centerpieces, lighting along walkways or arbors – the options are endless.  They are not expensive to purchase and can be reused later for other occasions. If you have a wedding coming up in your family, you now know that these lanterns are the best choice to opt for, right?


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