The Ultimate Guide to Elevate Your Tea Time with Chocolate and Orange Cream Biscuits

orange cream biscuit

When a child first gets introduced to biscuits, it is highly likely that it is a chocolate or orange cream biscuit that they got their headstarts with. Now, in the world of biscuits and cookies, the best cream biscuit has managed to carve out a niche for itself, and what it means is that they have steadily evolved over the ages to be something that’s pretty bespoke and sought after.

We all have sweet memories of licking off the cream before we actually go for the biscuits, and truth be told, they are some of the most stolen biscuits that any household can ever come across. Now, while they aren’t particularly associated with tea, there are a number of factors why something like a chocolate cream biscuit may prove to be a wise choice on several levels.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at some of the many factors why you might consider replacing the maries and cream crackers with the best cream biscuit at the breakfast table. So, let’s get started.

They are one of the best sources of energy:

When it comes to operating on a daily basis, we are familiar with the fact that it is carbohydrates that rule the roost. Something like an orange cream biscuit would be well-placed to deliver the exact amount of energy that a human body needs on a regular basis. The best cream biscuit possesses a healthy dosage of complex carbohydrates, ones that deliver a steady stream of energy throughout the day. Moreover, the sugar content that’s present in these biscuits aid in this regard as well.

Now, how does it link up with tea? Well, you see, most of us consume tea at breakfast, and the chocolate or orange cream biscuit would seep energy for a long period of time after that.

These biscuits are easily digestible:

It is no secret that we avoid the consumption of heavy or rich food at breakfast, and when it comes to biscuit, the fibre amount that’s present in them make them optimum for easy consumption. If you are someone who is facing digestive issues, availing of low-fibre cream biscuits would help you recuperate that much faster.

A favourite with the kids:

We have seen numerous families struggling with their children’s breakfast routines, and while they generally perceive healthy food to be obnoxious, the same cannot be said for the best cream biscuit. The kids are quite closely attached to cream biscuits, and if they are someone who consumes milk or tea for breakfast as well, you can supply them with a good start to the day by opting for something like a chocolate cream biscuit.

A flavourful variation:

The sudden visits by guests and neighbours are something that we have experienced at some point or the other, and when that does happen, we find ourselves at a crossroads regarding what we should treat them to. Introductory tea is something that the Indian culture is quite familiar with, but do you know how you can spruce it up? By adding the best cream biscuit there is.

Not only would it deliver a delectable experience, but your guests would be able to pick a flavour that tugs at their heartstrings.

Creating unique dishes and delicacies:

Tired of eating the same old items on a seemingly endless basis? Well, a chocolate cream biscuit can prove to be a lifesaver in that case. With the rise of the cafe culture in the country, several modern milkshakes and smoothies have entered the forefront, and if you are someone who has tasted KitKat or Oreo milkshakes at some point or the other, you would be in touch with the fact to how good they taste.

Well, by using something like a chocolate cream biscuit, you would be able to create such items at home, and there are adequate recipes online that would help you do the same as well. These would be a favourite with the kids, and the best part about them is the fact that creating them isn’t that difficult as well.

Well, the aforementioned pointers have already touched upon some of the primary roles and advantages that can be obtained by consuming something like an orange cream biscuit with tea in general. Nowadays, there are several variations of these biscuits available on the market, and irrespective of what you might be looking for, it can safely be assumed that you would be able to get some of the very best there are, and sourcing them isn’t anything complicated as well.


The best cream biscuit can easily hold its own against the competition, and it is mostly down to the fact that they aren’t just tasty and varied, but healthy as well. In India, there are a number of brands that have managed to establish a strong presence in this segment, and you can’t really go wrong by opting for them. A quick search online should help you find out about some of the best ones there are.


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