Tired of using bland shredded cheese at your restaurant? Try this four-cheese blend.

The choices you have when it comes to buying cheese for your restaurant can be overwhelming, whether you are tired of using ordinary bland shredded cheese at your establishment or you are still trying to figure out which flavours your customers like.

When so many different textures, regions of origin, and flavour profiles are available, you may also have a hard time choosing a cheese that will satisfy your snacking or cooking needs. 

As of today, Mexican cheeses can be found very popular in both the United States and Australia. Several cheese manufacturers are recreating Mexican cheeses to give them a unique taste. The majority of Mexican cheeses are made from cow’s milk, although there are some varieties made with goat’s milk as well. The goodness of cheese can be enjoyed more lightly and freshly with these soft and creamy cheeses.

Mexican cuisines have also become increasingly popular among Australians, which has led to the search for better Mexican cheese. This demand led Pure Dairy, one of Australia’s leading dairy manufacturers, to develop the Mexican Shred Blend. The popularity of this dish in Australia continues to grow thanks to its finely grated Mexican cheeses.

Mexican blend cheese is something that you should have in your kitchen if you enjoy serving Mexican food. A mixture of four popular types of Mexican cheese: natural Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Asadero, and Queso Quesadilla. In addition to Mexican dishes such as burritos, nachos, and quesadillas, it is also used in various other non-Mexican dishes as well.

In terms of melting, this unique blend of cheeses is designed to melt on anything whether it is hot or cold! Due to the fine angel hair shreds, it provides exceptional melt and consistency as well as quick melting and improved handling. Moreover, it not only adds taste and visual appeal to countless dishes but also saves time and effort when preparing them while allowing them to be used in various ways.

Whether you’re cooking Mexican or non-Mexican food, these shredded cheeses will be a great addition to your kitchen. Several fruits and vegetables go well with it, including apples, pears, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. The combination of these four Mexican cheeses is perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches, omelettes, baked foods, and even for garnishing chili or salads.

You can buy Mexican shredded cheese in bulk for your restaurant as it can be frozen for longer use. Before freezing, store it in an airtight plastic freezer bag. As an alternative, freeze the shredded cheese before opening it. The shelf life of Pure Dairy Mexican Shred Blend cheese is 180 days.

Your search ends now if you need cheese in bulk. Mexican Blend Cheese is one of the best -shredded cheeses in Australia, and Pure Dairy supplies it nationwide. We deliver bulk shredded cheese anywhere in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, New Castle, and Canberra. Fill out the contact form below to place an order or inquire.


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