What To Know When Hosting A Dinner Gathering

Say you’ve decided to have a dinner party for your loved ones, but you’re stumped as to where to begin. Don’t freak out, first of all! Yes, it can be intimidating to organize a dinner party, but if you master the fundamentals, you’ll be fine. What follows is a guide to throwing a successful dinner party, complete with tips and menu suggestions.

Dinner and dessert dishes, bowls, cutlery, water and wine glasses should all coordinate with one another. The finishing touch on the table is a great, washable tablecloth. You may also want to have on hand some cotton napkins, tablecloths, a pitcher, and serving dishes and cutlery.


Even if you don’t have a whole set of “grown-up” plates, you shouldn’t allow that to stop you from hosting a dinner party. It’s not necessary, but it can add a nice touch to your home to have dishes, glasses, and silverware that all match. The future dinner parties you throw will benefit greatly from these one-time investments.

Plating Up

For your own sanity, keep the food you’re providing uncomplicated. You can either serve your guests a set menu consisting of an appetizer, main dish, and dessert, or you can give them a la carte options by putting up a buffet. Your menu doesn’t need to be too intricate either way.

Use tried and true recipes

Use recipes you’ve had success with in the past, or have a trial run with your loved ones before committing to a new dish. Three courses? Who wouldn’t want to try that?!

Create a list to follow while grocery shopping.

Plan what and where you will need to buy in the week leading up to your dinner gathering. While internet shopping can save you time, you should factor in extra travel time if you need to stop at a specialty store to find an ingredient that isn’t widely available. Two days before the dinner party, go grocery shopping for fresh foods (meat, dairy, vegetables), but buy perishable things (bread, seafood) on the day of the party to ensure their freshness.

Some suggestions for tonight’s meal:

Mashed Potatoes Topped with Beef and Mushrooms

The thought of a similar dish from more than 50 years ago in the cafeteria of a primary school prompted me to create this recipe. The ease with which it can be prepared is great.

Having a Mac & Cheese potluck.

Macaroni and cheese is a guaranteed hit at any gathering. Here’s a slow cooker variation that’s richer and creamier than the original. Chicopee, Massachusetts resident Jennifer Blondek


Nothing’s better than having authentic pizza for dinner. You can check letizza.com.au for pizza bases & piadina. Sending warmest wishes for a successful dinner party.


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